Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting ready to split Big D.

July 30, 2009

Our month in Dallas is coming to an end. Bruce will be heading to the east coast to visit friends and play golf...anticipating his shoulder and neck will hold up. I will be going back to San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas for the month of August and my cousin Roy will be joining me at the end of the month. Bruce and I will meet back in Big D early Sept and figure out where to go and what to do next.

Scruff likes to lounge pool side..he's missing his margarita.

Bruce's Steppin Daddy Mike and Momma Rosemary.

Texas restaurant decor...see how kind they are to animals, these are wood carved!

We've enjoyed the Texas hospitality and all the grandness here. Texans, at least the ones we know and meet, are an independent sort and take full advantage of all the opportunities the US has to offer....they seem to be anti-government assistance and prefer little government intrusion. The cost of living in the DFW Metroplex is incredibly inexpensive compared to the PNW, but man is it hot!

Went to see Legends of Surf Music at the Bass Performance Hall in Ft. Worth. Dean Torrence and Al Jardin performing with All Star City Surf Band. Al Jardin's son Matt sang most of Brian Wilson's parts and sounded just like him.

Although we've always loved the restaurants here, for some reason we've had little desire to eat out..unless it's sushi....for some reason the food we've always raved about is not that appealing. Mexico exposed us to fresh locally grown foods and boy howdy, is there a difference!

We've visited many old and dear friends, and lots of family. I've played tennis often at the one of the best private tennis clubs in the nation and managed to give myself a black eye (accidentally hit myself with my tennis racket)..and Bruce has managed to extend his losing streak playing the market. Stuff happens, life is so good!

A night out with my buddy Debra, my brother Tim and sister-in-law Karen.

Below my brother-in-law John testing out my 3rd trial of peanut butter quest for the perfect cookie eludes me.

Last photo: Friends from the 90s reconnect and reminisce of old times, nice to be back in touch....Joan, Pat and Sheri.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Joys of Pet Sitting

July 18, 2009

Our pet sitting services are in demand for friends and family while in the Dallas Metroplex. Bruce and I are split between two homes now: he cares for a dog named Homer....but lovingly calls him Homer-sapian; and I am the slave of the two cow cats - Jillato and Scruffy. We pet, we play, we feed, we clean after them and we sleep with them. Caring for these animals adds quality to our stay in Big D.

Bruce and Homey taking an their afternoon nap.

Homer's a lover not a fighter.

Friends, pets and a is good!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Couch Camping in Big D

July 10, 2009

We are now on babysitting assignment for my sister during the month of July in Dallas Texas. Yes, it's hotter than h_ll and we're glad not be sleeping in the van. My sister is on vacation in China and has left the care of her 2 cats in our hands. It's been tough.........but we've managed. Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex of 6.5 million population is not exactly a vacation destination, for us at least. Thank goodness there's a great tennis club nearby with indoor air-conditioned courts.

Jillato (above) and Scruffy (with Bruce) are known as "cow" cats. Scruffy is a major lover, he was found as a stray 15 years ago and is now in his golden years. Jillato likes to play, bite on cords and help with the cooking.

The DFW Metroplex encompasses 12 counties, 9286 sq.miles, (larger than Rhode Is. and Connecticut combined), and the 4th largest metropolitan area by population in the US, hence Big D. Above photo is just a sampling of traffic in The Metroplex at 4pm.