Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring in Tucson

March 9, 2010

We've had several visitors out since the end January: my sister from Boulder, CO; the Gildenhar's from Tacoma, WA, Bruce's Mom and Steppin Daddy from Cedar Hill, TX and a nephew from Cape Coral, Florida. It's been a lot of fun visiting with our friends and family and sharing our desert home. We've gone to all local tourist attractions, sometimes more than once: Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum (being our #1), the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tohono Chul Park, San Xavier del Bac, and the International Wildlife Museum...the first and last ones being within a 5 miles from our home.

San Xavier del Bac

My sister gave me her expensive old mountain and road bikes so I can enjoy the more physical activities (other than tennis) that Tucson is suited for. She's exposed me to another sport I'm thoroughly enjoying: road cycling. Our first time out was 14 miles, our second was an advanced 30 miler and I have since ridden this path every Friday and shortened the path time. There's something about being on the road that makes your body feel good and your mind clear. Bruce even bought a road bike to join me. Just out our door we have easy access to some of the best road biking on the edge of Tucson.

The desert gardening is still in progress as we've planted a blood and navel orange tree, the pomagranate tree is doing well and we've added a fig and avocado tree as well as started some container gardening. I have not had to water much as the rain seems to come once every 5 -8 days at this time. I'm learning more about xeriscaping, plants, propagation, soil and planting in the desert as I try to spruce up the landscape....keeping in mind to make things low maintenance.....minimal effort, maximum results. The only thing we've been able to harvest is the cilantro for our guacamole....more to come in April..I hope.

Our twiggy pomagranate behind the blood orange and WA navel to the their infant stage.

Janet and Mark from Tacoma WA....oh how we don't miss the chronic rain....