Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Visiting Family and Friends

August 30th to September 28th, 2008

The past 4 weeks have been spent visiting family and friends across the country. From Montana we drove to Boulder and spent a week with my sister, mountain biked, visited with her friends, played guitar and lounged around.

Photo right: Cynthia and Dave hanging out in Boulder, CO. One of the healthiest places in the US!

From Boulder Bruce drove to Dallas to store our boxes at his Mom’s house. He then flew to SE Florida to visit his friends Darryl and Sandra. From Boulder I flew to NYC to spend a week with my nephew and his girlfriend and see the sites of NYC: a culturally rich mega metropolis. I then flew to SE Florida to spend the weekend with more nephews, visit friends and meet up with Bruce.

Photo right: Justine, Chocolatier of Nunu Chocolates, Ricky and Catherine at Brooklyn Flea Market.

Below: Our ancestors from 1.8 to 2.o million years ago, now on display at the NY Museum of Natural History. Rated PG.

Above: Ricky and Catherine's cat Milo licking his pets' ear, Izzy.
Milo made his debut on cutoverload 2009 calendar.

Below: Nephews Ethan and Sean with Bruce in Florida.

Photo below left: Zachary showing off his missing two front teeth.

Beautiful Florida iguana.

SE Florida Sunrise Deerfield Beach.

We both ended up in Dallas the 2nd week of September to visit our families and visit more friends. We are both itching to get back on the road again. As one may miss being away from home, we miss our new home: the open road. We left the sprawling Dallas Metropolis Sunday September 28th.

Bruce and surrogate daughter Kelly. We stayed with my sister Leticia and John for a week and Bruce fell in love with their cats, Mr. Scruffy and Gelato (photo below) .

Bruce with Texas nephews Jesse and Robert.

True Texas Women: Mama Jean and Dewanna.
Die-hard Cowboy fans, Caitlyn and Tim.

Our long-time buddies Kenny and Kathy.

Montana to Colorado

August 28-30, 2008

The drive from Stephensville, MT to Boulder, CO took us through part of the most scenic part of the lower 48 states. The pictures below tell the story.

Photo left: Yellowstone forest recovering 20 years later from Fires of 1988. 793880 acres burned (approximately 36% of park.

Photo right and below: Yellowstone's many hot springs and geysers throughout the park.

Photo above: Boiling hot claypots in Yellowstone. Below: Bacterial mats, like the primordial soup from which all living organisms came 3.9 billion years ago.

Photo left: The Grand Teton mountain range, Wyoming. Above: Scalding hot spring, Yellowstone National Park.

The Pony Express US mail service passed through Southern Wyoming the second half of the 19th century. Photo left is advertisement seeking "young...wiry" teenages willing to "risk death" delivering the US mail from the east coast to the west in 9-13 days.

Southern Wyoming.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Montana Visit

August 26-28, 2008

On to Stephensville Montana to visit Bruce's nieces. Montana country has it all: mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and dry grasslands. The Mosser home (nieces parents) is at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains and has nearby trails and campgrounds. It also has clean air, room to run, summer biking and hiking, winter skiing and snowmobiling. What a great place to raise a family!

Photo right: Scott, Carly and Bruce during visit to college town of Bozeman, MT.

Bruce and Kelly, photo left.

Photos right: Dani and Chris.

Photo left: Knapweed, an invasive plant to Montana is displacing native vegatation and reducing forage production.

Photos below: Kimy and Pat with dogs, Gary with one of Great Pyrenees dogs, sheep bred for eating, steer for breeding, Gary with horses.