Monday, December 12, 2011

Redemption Mountain. Someone was repenting.

Bruce here.

About a mile from our house, high in the West Tucson Mountains on what I named Redemption Mountain, is a very strange place.  Whenever I go up there I feel like I am intruding onto someone's sacred ground.  Someone long ago was making a pledge to Jesus.  It is spooky.

The little used hiking trail doesn't make it easy getting up there as some of the hike is actually rock climbing.  In fact I have never met another person on that trail since we moved here in 2009.  Our neighbor says that the writings were there when he moved here 21 years ago.

Recessed into the side of an outcropping at the top of the mountain is a rock wall with the pained writings of a troubled soul...or maybe a formerly troubled soul.  I can't decide which one.  It's obvious that the writings are old because of the condition of the rocks and also the paint.  One of the large rocks appears to have naturally tumbled onto it side many years ago.

Here is a picture of Redemption Mountain from our back deck:

Following are pictures of the paintings.

"Jesus, I, Owen Brosam, Am Going to Work for You the Balance of my Life".  I'm not sure about his last name spelling:

"Jesus I Will Never Give Up".  This rock looks like it tumbled here a long time ago.

"He Is the One and Only Savior":

"Have Faith in Jesus":

The following video will show the strange pile of rocks under the writings.  It looks like the rocks were purposefully pulled down from the side of the rock outcropping and thrown in a pile.  I wonder what's under those rocks?  Meh,  probably nothing.

A web search of Owen Brosam found only one possible link.  A marriage announcement to a Sara Lynn Sanders from Tucson.

Anyway, FWIW,  I find this intriguing.

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